Condolea Association of Owners
45 Monroe Parkway | Lake Oswego | Oregon 97035
(503) 636-1751

All About Condolea

Condolea is a superb example of a 55 and over condominium community.  The complex of 56 homes, clubhouse and swimming pool is spread over 10 acres of land with views of Mt. Hood.  With four acres devoted to lush landscaping, Condolea is unique among condomimium developments.  Its well earned reputation for sound self-management offers another plus for living at Condolea.  Best of all, Condolea is a community of caring and thoughtful neighbors.

Our Guiding Principles


  • We foster an environment of neighbors and friends who respect each other's interests and privacy
  • We encourage volunteerism and active involvement
  • We seek the collective wisdom of our community in our decisions
  • We promote an environment of open communication where it is safe to speak up
  • We resolve differences through respectful communication

Homes and Property

  • Our community is the local benchmark for a self-governed, well managed association
  • Within our means, we maintain our properties and grounds in a manner that ensures they are desirable and attractive to all owners
  • We keep a clean and safe community, and we watch out for each other's property, health and safety
  • We are considerate of pets in our community, and pet owners ensure their pets are good neighbors


  • We demonstrate fiscal prudence and accountability
  • We seek the input of homeowners on major decisions that impact livability, community and marketability
  • We strive to enhance the services covered to benefit a preponderance of homeowners
Condolea Map

For all business matters, or if you need access to Condolea HOA documents due to a real estate transaction, please call 503-636-1751.